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One and Two Potomac Yard

Finance & Cost

The project was financed using the developer's working capital.

Financing Mechanisms

  • Equity: Cash
  • Procurement process: Design-bid-build

The total construction costs attributable to LEED amounted to $3,956,100 ($6.36/rentable square foot [RSF]).

Of this amount, LEED-related consulting costs totaled $932,100 ($1.50/RSF), including the following:

  • LEED consultant: $75,000 ($0.12/RSF);
  • commissioning consultant: $568,500 ($0.91/RSF);
  • energy modeling consultant: $40,000 ($0.06/RSF);
  • mechanical, electrical, and plumbing: $68,600 ($0.11/RSF);
  • architect: $20,000 ($0.03/RSF);
  • civil engineer: $20,000 ($0.03/RSF);
  • landscape architect: $20,000 ($0.03/RSF);
  • lighting consultant: $20,000 ($0.03/RSF); and
  • indoor air quality testing: $100,000 ($0.16/RSF).

Additional LEED-related hard costs totaled $1,524,000 ($2.45/RSF).

General contractor LEED costs totaled $1,500,000 ($2.41/RSF).

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