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1525 Wilson Boulevard

Photo credit: Glenborough, LLC


  • Location: Rosslyn, VA
  • Climate Region: 4A: Mixed - Humid
  • Building type(s): Commercial office
  • Renovation of a 1987 building, last renovated in 2010
  • 313,000 ft2 (29,100 m2)
  • Project scope: 12-story building
  • Urban setting
  • Completed 1987
  • Rating: Energy Star --Level: 97

1525 Wilson Boulevard is a twelve-story building in Rosslyn, Virginia comprised primarily of office with ground level retail, storage and a three-level underground parking garage. Constructed in 1987, the property is situated on "The Hill," one of the strongest suburban office markets in the nation. The tenant mix consists of several high-profile tenants including government agencies and contractors, and large institutional firms. This all-electric building's energy consumption was one of the highest in Glenborough's portfolio. Through a combination of energy efficiency strategies, including replacing HVAC and lighting systems and providing tenant education, energy use was reduced by 35%.

Environmental Aspects

A combination of strategies were used to improve the EnergyStar score of 1525 Wilson from 63 to 97. Some of the key elements contributing to this 35% reduction in energy use include:

  • Addition of variable frequency drives (VFDs) to all compressors
  • CO2 monitoring to control ventilation rates
  • Upgrading pneumatic controls to direct digitally controlled energy management system (DDC EMS)
  • Lighting upgrades to T8, CFL and LED
  • Review and building operations and implementation of best practices

[Added to the HPB database by New Buildings Institute - Vancouver, WA]

Owner & Occupancy

  • Owned by Glenborough LLC, Corporation, for-profit
  • Occupants: Corporation, for-profit


Integrated team, Commissioning, Performance measurement and verification, Operations and maintenance, HVAC, Efficient lighting, Ventilation effectiveness, Indoor air quality monitoring

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