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Johnson Braund Design Group, Inc. Corporate Office (JBDG Office)

This photo shows the Johnson Braund Design Group corporate headquarters.


  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Climate Region: 4C: Mixed - Marine
  • Building type(s): Commercial office
  • Renovation of a 1985 building, last renovated in 2009
  • 8,000 ft2 (743 m2)
  • Project scope: 2-story building
  • Urban setting
  • Completed January 1985
    System upgrades and O&M improvements are ongoing.
  • Rating: EPA Energy Star --Level: 86

A small, owner-occupied office that is undergoing aggressive energy retrofits and a focus on energy efficiency. An ultimate goal of net-zero by 2012.

Environmental Aspects

  • Energy use reductions of 70% over baseline
  • Water savings of 95% over baseline
  • 20% of energy used generated on-site via rooftop photovoltaic
  • EUI of 35 kBtu/ft2
  • Interior air quality exceeding standards for hospital operating rooms
  • Preparations for electric vehicle charging

Owner & Occupancy

  • Owned and occupied by 52nd Ave. LLC, Corporation, for-profit
  • Typically occupied by 20 people, 45 hours per person per week; and 10 visitors per week, 2 hours per visitor per week
  • Expected Building Service Life: 60 years

An Architecture Firm.

Building Programs

Indoor Spaces:

Office (65%), Conference (10%), Restrooms (5%), Electrical systems (5%), Cafeteria (5%), Mechanical systems (5%), Lobby/reception (5%)

Outdoor Spaces:

Wildlife habitat (45%), Parking (45%), Drives/roadway (10%)


Integrated team, Design charrette, Simulation, Green specifications, Commissioning, Performance measurement and verification, Operations and maintenance, Wildlife habitat, Indigenous vegetation, Efficient fixtures and appliances, Efficient irrigation, Drought-tolerant landscaping, Airtightness, Passive solar, HVAC, Lighting control and daylight harvesting, Efficient lighting, On-site renewable electricity, Adaptable design, Recycled materials, Local materials, Occupant recycling, Connection to outdoors, Daylighting, Ventilation effectiveness, Moisture control, Thermal comfort, Indoor air quality monitoring

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